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Earth, Cannabis & Korean Natural Farming

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

On Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, DHARMA wants to share with you a little about Korean Natural Farming (KNF) and its benefits for growing cannabis.

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) embraces a truly natural and sustainable system for the most discerning cannabis growers. KNF's approach is based on developing a soil that is functional and rich in microorganisms to support all phases of plant growth.

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What is Korean natural farming?

Korean natural farming (KNF) is a unique farming method grounded in principles of sustainability. “KNF is a method that utilizes the natural ecosystem and the indigenous microorganisms that exist within to produce healthy, fertile soil to increase agricultural yield and quality, thus eliminating the need for harmful pesticides,” said Nishant Reddy, CEO of A Golden State, an artisanal cannabis brand rooted in sustainability.

KNF encourages the grower to get up close and personal with the soil by creating natural inputs from local materials. If you're already fascinated by organic growing, permaculture principles, or the notion of living soil, Korean natural farming may be an approach that resonates with you.*


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