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Cosméticos naturales



Our favorites

Nutrient Repair Cream full spectrum hemp extract + natural sun protection

Protect your skin against environmental damage with an all-natural, plant-powered formula.


Joints and Bones Cream – Aches & Pains

Powerful plants in a luxurious, moisture-rich cream. Full-spectrum hemp extract blended with arnica and sweet birch provides pure comfort instantly on contact. Essential oils of citrus and peppermint absorb quickly to hydrate your back, neck, feet, hands, and joints.

FULL Spectrum

Our products use proprietary technologies to unlock the benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract. Treat yourself and your loved ones by choosing a formula to target stress, anxiety, body aches, or sleeplessness and bolster mind, body, and the immune system.

"These are products that combine high quality and organically sourced Hemp from Cannabis plant, combined with herbs and essential oils giving the potions added health and beauty benefits".

Dr. Gabrielle FrancIS

 The Herban Alchemist 

Holding a Branch

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